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19-Jul-2017 00:11

Also if any recommended sellers plz lemme know 2) Recommended to have it attached to 12V or to the car battery? What things additional will I need to buy apart from what comes in package? Ta There's a few good You Tube vids that address your questions, and I found this to be a good site with good feedback: My most recent purchases were based on good quality, budget dash cams and went with the Viofo A119.3) Front and back camera: worth it or will break bank? I don't know how comfortable you are with connecting and routing cables, but if you're happy to give it a go, it's not too hard to fit one on the windscreen. I got my Viofo A119 (not the A119S) for around 0 I think, or thereabouts.

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Another option is one of the DC-DC (USB) converters off e Bay like Are these units much of a muchness, or do you get what you pay for (ie look for a mid / upper price range one and maybe get better quality) Just buy the DDPAI I listed on the previous page. honestly, lot of people are recommending various dashcams, I spent months researching and super happy with the DDPAI for an incredible price vs others that do virtually same or less in some cases.

Hey Guys So what's recommended these days as planning to fit one in a new car..

1) Device: Is Mini 0805 / 0806 good or Vio Fo 119 / Street Guardian SG9665GC or something else?

large capacity capacitors) as charge supplies for power reliability. given what lithium ion type batteries do when exposed to overheating).

They have a 5% off Easter sale going at the moment.

I dont want to spend much but willing to spend on something that works well. If you want fantastic service, check out the Street Guardian range. 2ch will be great but yeah I can see them reaching 0 mark.. Looks like A119 is recommended everywhere and Street Guardian SG9665GC highly regarded.. Have not missed a beat since and by far the best quality night time video. If on a tight budget then the mini series will give you some year/s of operation hopefully. And recommendation if I should consider 2channel but i know the ones mentioned above are like 0 775801?