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27-Aug-2017 03:25

Matthew in the new comedy by Spring Breakers director Harmony, 44, will play a rebellious but lovable stoner named Moondog.

The comedy also will star 35-year-old Chad Mountain.

This is the kind of movie that often racks up more than a few walkouts but also makes for passionate postscreening conversations.

On the escalator out of the multiplex where I saw it, people were already debating and WTF-ing, sometimes while laughing at the intensity of their own responses.

With surprising alacrity, he manages to turn it into just that, moving into the couple’s guest room for the night after it’s revealed that he’s a big fan of the husband’s books.

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, writer-director Darren Aronofsky’s stomach-churning allegory about marriage, parenthood, religion, and art, until the last hole in the wall has been spackled.

If my partner made a movie like this inspired by me, I would hesitate a long time before taking on the project of spackling his walls.

For the past seven years, Jennifer Lawrence has been making movies annually and scooping up awards at every turn.

There’s a brief interim of return to marital calm, followed by a third act that spirals into places so bizarre it makes , Aronofsky’s earlier foray into female madness and body horror, look like a sweet little ballet drama.

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At a certain point the director’s allegorical long game comes into focus, but understanding what he’s up to in broad strokes does little to explain the proliferation of freaky details.

While he broods over empty pages in his study, she plasters, paints, cooks, and cleans.