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12-Jul-2017 16:18

The gunman was dressed in black and allegedly of Middle Eastern appearance. Turnbull has replaced the decisive Mr Abbott whose ability to calmly and correctly position such tragedy allowed Australia to prosper in tough times.

Apparently intelligence had warned of such a possible hit and all officers had been required to wear their sidearms, while desk workers had theirs at their desks. On form, Turnbull will say a lot, and probably delegate to a committee the issue of responses.

So called Palestine is a terrorist military state offering no basic freedoms for anyone but endless civil war.

Naturally the UN wants Palestine and despises Israel.

How would the cross dressing terrorists respond to the apostate President?

I couldn't make up this story for fear that the suspension of disbelief would be too difficult.

Nobody in the press believes that could be a lie, although nothing of the attitudes expressed support it. If the boy had been older, he might have called himself a Nixon/Reagan/Bush supporter too.Instead, Obama is introducing Obama Care which increases spending and does not address basic health care needs for most US citizens.